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New Documentary Details The Life Of A Porn Star

New Documentary Details The Life Of A Porn Star

"Porn star" as a title on your resume will severely limit your career options. It will also likely complicate your romantic and familial relationships.

A new documentary, "After Porn Ends," examines the personal lives and careers of stars of the adult industry. It focuses particularly on the transition to life after porn and features porn stars Asia Carrera, Mary Carey, Houston and others.

The film describes a career in porn as a "brief shining moment" of fame, sex and money. "Nobody thinks it's going to end," a man in the film explains. Former porn stars also discuss the de-humanizing element of porn that insiders often don't want to admit.

"I just started feeling really depressed about it. I can't do anything else. This is what I'm good at. This is all I know," former porn star Crissy Moran said.

Part of the biggest struggle is trying to leave their pasts behind.

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