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The Danger After Dark Film Festival Kicks off July 9th with Deliver Us from Evil

The Danger After Dark film festival will host a series of horror and action thrillers at this years event. Included in the line-up are Big Tits Zombie 3-D, The Life and Death of a Porno Gang, RoboGeisha and Ole Bornedal's Dutch language film Fri Os Fra Det Onde (Deliver Us From Evil). The festival begins July 9th and Deliver Us from Evil involves a deadly auto accident and one man's desperate attempt to cover up the crime by blaming another. Have a watch of the trailer for the film in what is surely to be one of the best at the film festival.

A description of the film here:

"Deliver Us from Evil opens on a deserted coastal road as the film's narrator, a garishly dressed young woman, quickly introduces us to the film's principal characters. They include Anna, the angelic wife of the town's unofficial mayor, Ingvar,

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