Arnott’s launches ‘Truly, Madly Tim Tam’ TV ad

Ddb has released a new ad for Arnott’s brand Tim Tam, which shows consumers picking the famous chocolate bars from trees at Martin Place.

The ad is based on an experiential event the Tim Tam “orchard”, which was erected a fortnight ago. The ad ends with the tag line ‘Truly, Madly Tim Tam’.

The campaign comes the week after Arnott’s parted ways with agency Gpy&R, awarding Ddb the entire account.

Leif Stromnes, MD for strategy and innovation at Ddb Group Sydney said: “The idea behind this first execution of Truly, Madly Tim Tam came straight from our Facebook community and we really wanted to give back to these fans who gave us such a great idea to work with. What better way to come full circle than to create personalised ads which feature the names of individual Tim Tam fans and actually run across both TV and

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