Metal Tornado (2012)

Directed by: Gordon Yang

Written by: Andrew Erin and Jason Bourque

Featuring: Lou Diamond Phillips, Nicole de Boer, Greg Evigan, Sophie Gendron

I live in an extraordinary time; I have had the rare privilege of being born at the exact right moment that would allow me to watch the rise, and fall, of Lou Diamond Phillip’s stardom.

Ever since I saw him at his height in Young Guns (almost as brilliant as the sequel, Young Guns II), just a scant few years after his portrayal of '50s rocker Ritchie Valens, I have secretly been saddened by his waning acting career.

I think it was 1999’s Bats that killed it. Or was it Walter Hill’s Supernova? Either way, it has never been the same. He’s gone the way of Judd Nelson and C. Thomas Howell. His latest starring role in Metal Tornado is perhaps his greatest B-movie role,

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