Bruce McDonald and Kevin Drew Talk This Movie Is Broken

With the Canadian theatrical release of Bruce McDonald's This Movie Is Broken - a hybrid concert film / indie drama built around a live performance by Broken Social Scene - I had the chance to sit down last week with McDonald and Bss co-founder Kevin Drew to talk about the film. It was conducted round table style with a writer from Torontoist joining me in my questioning, but I present the full interview (pretty much) here:

Twitch: Let's start at the beginning. What were the origins of This Movie Is Broken? How did you guys hook up and what was the thinking behind doing it this way? Because it's not really a conventional concert film or a conventional narrative but a hybrid of the two.

Bruce: Well, we met at Soundscapes record store a number of years ago and, you know, went for coffee ...

Kevin: He had finished Picture Claire

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