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Production Begins on Christmas-Themed Horror Anthology Entitled Merry F@#$ing Christmas

Sometimes the title of a film simply defines it. Take for example John Carter. Why would you spend a quarter of a billion dollars on a film then give it the most boring title you can come up with? But how about calling your film Merry F@#$ing Christmas? Now that's an attention grabber.

Black Snow Productions has announced that Merry F@#$ing Christmas will have a release date during the 2012 holiday season. Principal photography will begin in the summer. The first segment to be shot is entitled Alexandria. It will be directed by Otis (Second World Series, Dead Reckoning) and Jaye Lowe (Dead Reckoning) and star Elyse Dufour, Josh Murray (Adams Morgan, The Soliloquy) and Brent Bauer (Second World 3 and 4).

Merry F@#$ing Christmas will also feature segments from filmmakers J. Michael Whalen (Conquering the Rose), Eric Williford (Natalie’s Lose Lose) and Franklin Guerrero Jr. (The 8th Plague,

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