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Short Film Review: Prarambha by Santosh Sivan

Short Film Review: Prarambha by Santosh Sivan

This week we have an Indian short film to give you a refreshing taste of home grown cinema. Prarambha by Santosh Sivan is a short film in Kannada about a topic most Indians shy away from – AIDS. This short deals with the discrimination faced by HIV-positive patients.

The film was a part of Mira Nair’s noble project AIDS Jaago (AIDS Awake); a series of four short films, Prarambha (directed by Santosh Sivan), Migration (directed by Mira Nair), Positive (directed by Farhan Akhtar) and Blood Brothers (directed by Vishal Bharadwaj) in a joint initiative of Mira Nair’s Mirabai Films, voluntary organizations; Avahan and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with a view of generating awareness about HIV/AIDS. The film was made for Richard Gere’s AIDS foundation. It was entirely shot on location in and around Mysore.

The lead is played by a little boy Kittu who travels in search of his mother.

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