Anchor Bay Sees Shadow People

Another horror flick has found a home at Cannes as THR reports that Arclight Films has struck a multi-territory deal with Anchor Bay Entertainment for Matthew Arnold's directorial debut Shadow People! Read on for the latest!

The film, inspired by true events, concerns a radio talk show host (Dallas Roberts) who's drawn to exploring paranormal activity by a caller and an unexplained death. Alison Eastwood plays a Cdc investigator. Mariah Bonner, Bryan Massey and Tony Schiena also star. Matthew Arnold helms from his own script.


Shadow People is a psychological thriller that explores the rare medical phenomenon known as Sunds (Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome). Millions of people across the globe have had encounters with what they describe as dark, shadowy creatures that visit them at night. Sometimes horrifying, sometimes deadly, these nocturnal intruders have been described as early as man's first recorded writings. But what are they?

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