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Indie Spotlight

We’re back with the latest edition of the Indie Spotlight. Today’s feature includes news on a Christmas horror anthology, the newest episode of Midnight Horror Show, a teaser for an upcoming zombie webseries, and more:

Zombie Girl Diary: “Zombie Girl Diary is a phenomenal film in the making starring Jim Krut and Jimmyo Burril. It is a story about a mother and daughter fighting to survive throughout a zombie apocalypse. Along the way they encounter other survivors and come together to make their way through this crazy world, now turned upside down. You’ll have to watch our film and see who makes it out alive!”

For more information on the film and a 30 second teaser trailer, visit their official Facebook page at:

Midnight Horror Show: Episode 3 of Midnight Horror Show was released earlier this month. The webseries features an original horror shorts

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