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new Trailer for Christine Parker's 'hippie/zombie' sequel 'A Few Brains More'

Written by Christine Parker and Bill Mulligan and directed by Parker, A Few Brains More: Summer of Blood is the sequel to the 2008 zombie western Fistful of Brains, also directed by Parker.

A Few Brains More continues the story of Lily and Jack, the main characters from Fistful of Brains. This time, in the year 1973, they continue their pursuit of the evil Dead Eye McSlain who has now teamed up with the evil World Corp to create an new batch of Lazarus water for an insidious plot to create more zombies. It should be out Summer of 2011. Check out the trailer...

The film stars Emlee Vassilos, Michael Ray Williams, Zachary Edgerton, Jessie Walley, Edward Warner, Bill Mulligan, Amber Teachey, and Kevin Teachey.

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