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Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall | TV Review

Sharks and psychotics, losers and lap-dancers – they all got their piece of Tiger Woods

Jacques Peretti's Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall (Channel 4) offered a bleak vision of human nature in which almost no one emerged with any great credit. Tiger's father, Earl, came across as an unpleasant psychotic who viewed Tiger as a project rather than a son; Tiger as a robotic shell, unable to relate to anyone, least of all the women he treated as objects; the agents from his sports management company as money men only interested in protecting the brand; the prostitutes and lap-dancers as desperate losers happy to be abused in exchange for bedding a celeb; and the hacks and investigators as sharks cashing in on Tiger's demise.

Not that any of this was terribly revelatory, as few people's lives have been picked over more closely than Tiger's over the last year.

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