Review: "Loose Cannons" ("Mine vaganti")

A sun-soaked, jewel-toned dramedy of long-buried secrets and upturned tradition set amidst a sprawling family pasta empire in southern Italy, the 2010 film Loose Cannons (getting a Stateside VOD release today thanks to Focus Features) bears more similarities to a longform Bertolli ad than it does to most American gay films.

And this is a good thing.

Kicking off with a flashback of a hysterical woman in a wedding dress running into weathered ruins to shoot herself in front of an achingly handsome young man in an impeccably-tailored suit - and then quickly jumping to the present, where young, beautiful people zoom around in sports cars while large, pasta-obsessed families sit around huge tables and talk with their hands, Loose Cannons seems right out of the gate to be the most quentessentially Italian movie since Fellini hung up his nun's habit and clown shoes.

But soon enough the story makes a

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