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Sparks could fly upon the release of Michael Haneke's hugely political Amour, while Prometheus director Ridley Scott also appears to be getting something off his chest

Amour is in the air

Michael Haneke's Cannes-winning Amour will be released in the UK on 16 November. One can thus expect it will be accorded a prime berth at the London film festival. The film, which he wrote in German before getting it translated into French with the approval of his actors, will officially be called Amour around the world. I reckon Jean-Louis Trintignant (the film's title was actually his suggestion) could get an Oscar nomination – he's such a screen legend and Hollywood loves a revival story. The fact that Jean Dujardin won this year will most likely impede his chances of winning, however. Although there is another issue: Cannes audiences have loved the film, yet nobody has yet revealed that there's

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