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Film News: ‘Nate and Margaret’ Makes Chicago Debut at Gene Siskel Film Center on June 8, 2012

Chicago – One of Nathan Adloff’s goals as a filmmaker is mastering the art of the awkward silence. That moment when audiences shift uneasily in their chairs, balancing on the razor’s edge between amusement and agony, appeals greatly to Adloff, a self-professed fan of Christopher Guest and Todd Solondz. His award-winning shorts “Untied Strangers” and “Irregular Fruit” are both squirm-inducing gems.

For his feature directorial debut, “Nate & Margaret,” the Chicago filmmaker made a couple notable departures from his usual work method, the results of which can be seen at the movie’s Chicago premiere June 8th at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Instead of relying heavily on improvisation, Adloff crafted a script with his close writing partner, Justin D.M. Palmer. And though his picture is chockfull of awkward silences—at brutal open mic nights and in tense restaurant altercations—it is also a surprisingly warm-hearted and endearing look at an unconventional friendship.

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