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Superstar Stephen Baldwin v Kevin Costner, saviour of the planet

It's a legal battle that would have put Hollywood in a spin back in 1992

Close your eyes for a moment and pretend it's 1992 again. Your Global Hypercolour T-shirt is forming a perfect thermochromatic triangle between your armpits and your bumcrack. The mixtape on your Walkman is segueing between Rem's Man on the Moon and Ain't No Doubt by Jimmy Nail. People are predicting big things for Hangin' With Mr Cooper. And the two biggest stars around are Kevin Costner and Stephen Baldwin.

Costner is already king of Hollywood, having released Dances With Wolves, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and The Bodyguard in three successive years. And, after showing so much promise in Born on the Fourth of July a few years ago, it seems natural to assume that Baldwin will go the same way. If only Costner and Baldwin would team up on a project, it could be bigger

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