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Fung Hak On – One Of The Greatest Villains Ever.

Over the years having watched many kung fu movies, one person as stood out above the rest as my favorite villain, his name is Fung Hak On.

His presence on screen was fantastic, not only a great fighter and villain, but he is also a very good actor and could show lots of emotion with even one single look (Most look’s ended with someone getting killed though).

Birth-date : 18/9/1949

At the start of his career, Fung started off more as a stuntman and also having brief appearances in movies such as Vengeance, Heroic Ones, Water Margin plus many others. A few years later, the director he was working with at the time Chang Cheh, also had an assistant working with him, going by the name of John Woo. John Woo was just learning the process back then, but Fung was glad to work with Woo on his first ever directorial movie The Young dragons.

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