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'Office' Star Talks Ladies-Only Comedy Show

'Office' Star Talks Ladies-Only Comedy Show

"The idea was comedy for women, but it's not like a 'Cathy' cartoon; it's way hipper."

That's how "The Office" star Kate Flannery describes her new all-female stand-up show, "StandUp In Stilettos," coming to the TV Guide Network this month. The show's 12 episodes will feature 36 women, three per episode, performing comedy in front of a live audience. Flannery hopes the easily digestible segments will expose the Guide's browsers to quality comedy of the female variety.

"It's a nice intro for people who might be closed-minded about women in comedy," Flannery said in an interview. "I cannot believe that in all the years that there have been female stand-ups, there has never been a show just for them. The girls can play just as hard as the boys, so I think it's long overdue."

And based on the first (and as of writing, only) comment on the show's preview video on YouTube,

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