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SyFy: Can their fans 'Imagine Greater'?

I'll be previewing the summer series starting this July - Eureka, Warehouse 13 and the new series Haven - in the days to come but came across this interesting bit of news. 

Having had the chance to date the fat chick of sci-fi television many times with SyFy's original movies in hopes that you can go out with sexier, more fun movies - I totally had notes down for Stonehenge Apocalypse and The Phantom but couldn't get them posted in time to warn you - I welcome this new approach to developing an original movie for the network. Let the fans and viewers give their input. SyFy is joining forces with IGN and will launch a new site called B Movie Mogul. 

Viewers are being asked to contribute concepts for all aspects of production, including the movie's title, plot, wardrobe, character deaths and taglines. "We constantly have fans emailing with compliments,

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