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‘Resident Evil 5′ Trailer: 3D Action, Zombies, & the Truth About Alice

Sony started off its marketing for the fifth installment in the Resident Evil live-action franchise, sub-titled Retribution (a.k.a. Re5ident Evil: Retribution), with a teaser trailer that pulled double-duty as a light-hearted satire of the company’s advertising for its electronic devices – while still serving as a (shameless?) product plug.

Today, however, we can offer a traditional theatrical promo for the new Re flick, which features the debut of fan-favorite characters from the original video game series, like Ada Wong (Bingbing Li) and Leon Scott Kennedy (Johann Urb). Established Re movie universe players Rain Ocampo (Michelle Rodriguez) and Carlos Oliveira (Oded Fehr) will also be making appearances (among others).

Retribution once again picks up with Alice, as played by iconic action starlet Milla Jovovich (who’s also the wife of Re series writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson, by no ...

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