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Sam Hell to Show in Livermore, CA September, 2010

Sam Hell Movie PosterThe independent horror production Sam Hell was completed last year in the San Fernando Valley and this production will make an appearance at a developing film festival in September, 2010 (Bayouth). The Vine theatre will host the event with a possible appearance from Ted White (Friday the 13th Part 4). More details on this event will be posted as they become available and a synopsis for the feature Sam Hell, which has just signed a distribution deal with Anthem Digital, is below along with cast and crew.

The synopsis for Sam Hell here:

"It is Halloween and this year’s haunted house has a deadly new attraction. Sean Taylor, foreman at the haunted house, buys what he thinks is a fake corpse head in a cage. But, when his girlfriend, Jill, sees it she says it smells and wants it gone. Little do either of them suspect that this pungent,

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