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DVD Review: First Seasons of ABC’s ‘Gcb,’ ‘Missing,’ ‘Scandal’

Chicago – ABC/Disney has released three of their Spring 2012 mid-season shows on DVD in time for, well, to say goodbye to two of them and catch up on the third. The releases for “Gcb” and “Missing” could have been labeled “Complete Series” as ABC pulled the plug on both shows but Shonda Rhimes’ “Scandal” is being given another chance to find a larger audience in the Fall. All three sets are well-loaded with special features.

To this critic, the show that ABC decided to give more time to grow — “Scandal” with Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwyn — is also the best DVD set to pick up. While “Missing” had some solid elements (including some well-choreographed action and a strong central performance from Ashley Judd), “Gcb” was little more than a “Desperate Housewives” clone before the original had even left through the Exit door. It was too soon, especially with the success of

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