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Ampco acquires rights to The Alchemyst, plans 2013 Aus-nz shoot

The Alchemyst, based on Michael Scott's popular fantasy novel, is set to be filmed in Australia and New Zealand in early-2013.

Adelaide-based Ampco Films has acquired the rights to the book, which was originally published in 2007 and is the first in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel six-part series. The film was previously set up with New Line before it was absorbed by Warner Bros, prompting the rights to revert back to Scott. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura then picked up the rights in 2009 before the latest deal.

The Alchemyst centers on the legendary 14th-century French alchemist, Nicholas Flamel, who is said to have discovered the secret of eternal life and is still alive today. The secret of eternal life is hidden within the book of Abraham the Mage which, Dr. John Dee plans to steal to use against the world. If the prophecy is right, teenage twins Sophie and

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