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Who Should Play Rainmaker?

So we've all heard by know that Megan Fox's dream role is to be a Native lesbian superhero. She said that she would love to be Sarah Rainmaker of 'Gen 13'. This Apache character from the comic series is able to manipulate weather and the movement of water with her thoughts, as well as being good at combat. Rainmaker is also a peace-seeking activist.

“She’s a Native American and I have a little bit of that blood in me,” she said. “It would be a bit of a stretch – but if Jake Gyllenhaal can be the Prince of Persia, I think that I can do that.”

How about we not repeat a history of Hollywood casting white people into ethnic roles (anybody remember Micky Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi?). I'm not saying no one can play an ethnicity outside of their own, but casting obviously Caucasian people as playing

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