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FilmShaft Exclusive: Benoît Jacquot Interview

Benoît Jacquot teams up with Isabelle Huppert for their fifth collaboration in Villa Amalia. Based on the novel by Pascal Quignard, the film, concerns the crisis of a concert pianist who systematically dismantles her old life in pursuit of a new one.

This surprisingly gentle affair also possesses an abrupt and restless spirit. His career could yet be defined by his association with Huppert – and it would be a fine legacy.

Jacquot, although little heard of outside of his native France, is a director of great standing and artistry. FilmShaft met up with him last week in central London to discuss his latest movie and his enduring collaboration with one of France’s most famous actresses. Jacquot, in person, offers answers often with a soft laugh and smile.

What was the appeal of this particular story?

Jacquot: First of all, Isabelle Huppert and I wanted to shoot a film for the fifth time.

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