Anthology Film Urban Legends to Begin Filming in July

The folks at Bdhr Entertainment are proud to announce that they're about to begin production on their new three-part anthology film entitled Urban Legends. Read on for the details!

Just to be clear, this new movie has no affiliation with any other previous Urban Legend entitled film, lest anyone be confused. However, judging by some of the early promo images, this project certainly looks like it has promise. The three segments are "Deadly Girlfriend", "Dead Man's Bluff" and "Bloody Mary"…combine all three, and it sounds like an average Friday night/Saturday morning for Doctor Gash!

Urban Legends starts filming on July 6th in the state of Virginia. It is written and produced by onetime horror blogger Brandon Sites (Big Daddy Horror Reviews) and is directed by Travis Legge. For more check out the official Bdhr Entertainment website.

Each segment of the film has its own Facebook page as well.

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