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Highlights From the 2010 Palm Springs Short Film Festival

[An Eyeful of Sound] For those who do not have the patience for sitting through full-length feature films at a festival, the Palm Springs Short Film Festival is a top tier venue for those who simultaneously love the cinema but are stricken with some form of attention deficit disorder. Further, in its previous 15 years, it has presented 68 short films that have gone on to receive Academy Award nominations. After its June 28 conclusion, the ShortsFest awarded $90,000 in cash and production awards. Among those seen at the Camelot Theaters and on DVD in the film marketplace in the festival's Hilton Hotel headquarters: An Eyeful of Sound (UK/Samantha Moore): Utilizing the full potential of animation and a rich, audio tapestry, Moore has created a sensuous, dense documentary about UK residents who have synesthesia, wherein they experience colors, taste or odor when...

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