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The Nine Muses | DVD Review

After nearly a decade of focusing his energy on music history television docs, director John Akomfrah has returned to one of his favorite topics, the struggles of minorities, and more specifically here, the wave of immigrants that arrived in the wake of the British Nationality Act of 1948, which was meant to supplement the need for workers post-World War II. Though the subject sounds straightforward, The Nine Muses buries its primary ideas in an avant-garde kaleidoscope of high brow canonical literature, found archival footage, and gorgeously composed, yet strangely haunting images of faceless travelers among the frozen landscape of modern day Alaska. There is something akin to brilliance within, but this repetitive medley of literary legend and immigrant alienation is too dense for its own good.

The film is structured around Homer’s epic tale and the assemblage of inspirational goddesses, the Nine Muses, each taking a chapter within the film.

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