DVD Release: Waves of Lust

DVD Release Date: July 31, 2012

Price: DVD $19.98

Studio: Raro Video/Entertainment One

Elizabeth Turner turns up the heat in Waves of Lust.

Sex and violence flows freely in Italian genre filmmaker Ruggero Deodato’s 1975 thriller Waves of Lust.

The movie focuses on two carefree youngsters, Irem (Al Cliver) and Barbara (Silvia Dionisio), who are invited for a weekend cruise on a yacht owned by Giorgio (John Steiner), a ruthless and cynical industrialist, who is married to Silvia (Elizabeth Turner), a disturbed woman who allows herself to be physically and mentally abused by him. Silvia then forms a love triangle with Irem and Barbara who conspire against Giorgio, whose misogyny and paranoia pushes him over the edge into murder.

A minor cult film like many of Deodato’s imports (his most popular remains the 1980 gross-out Cannibal Holocaust), Waves of Lust is initially reminiscent of Roman Polanski’s (Carnage) 1962 thriller Knife in the Water.

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