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Your next box set: Shoestring

What seemed like fast, grimy realism in 1979 now feels languid and unmenacing. But there is still something pleasurable about this private detective drama

How the memory plays tricks. When Eddie Shoestring made his debut as a private investigator in the autumn of 1979, he was must-watch TV. Shoestring was Radio West's "private ear": a burnt-out computer geek turned airwaves sleuth who would launch investigations on behalf of his listeners. He wore pyjama tops as shirts and had a droopy moustache and even droopier bags under his eyes that hinted at a world of pain. I loved Shoestring and I loved this BBC show. He was a man who spoke my language and the storylines felt sharp and timely: prostitution, drugs, punk, hippies, religious cults. Shoestring didn't judge, though. He could find the good and the bad in anyone.

My affection for the show, set in Bristol, has never diminished.

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