Super-8 Movie Madness July 3rd at The Way Out Club

Super-8 Movie Madness at the Way Out Club will be held on Tuesday July 3rd from 8pm to Midnight. These are Super-8 Sound films condensed from features (they average 15 minutes in length) and will be projected on a large screen at the Way Out Club. Admission is only Three Bucks!!!!

The films on the July 3rd are: The Poseidon Adventure, Dick Dastardly and Muttley in The Wacky Races, Jimmy Stewart in Flight Of The Phoenix, Lon Chaney in The Mummy’S Ghost, Victor Mature in One Million B.C., Logan’S Run, Minnie Pearl in Country Music Humor, John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn in Rooster Cogburn And The Lady, Sssssssssssss, The Three Stooges in We Want Our Mummy, an educational film: Dealing With The Discomforts Of Pregnancy, Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger, Battle In Outer Space, and a ’70s Vampire Trailer Reel

There will be lots of posters and T-Shirts and stuff given away.

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