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Funcom Signs Deal to Make Lego Minifigures Mmo

Tiny little block figures getting a game from The Secret World developer.

Those Lego folks are making a lot of moves lately, from the release of Lego Batman 2 to the recent announcement that an in-development film featuring Lego characters would also include minifigure versions of Batman and Superman.

Now they've announced a partnership with Funcom to develop an Mmo based on their line of minifigures—you know, the little dudes and ladies that you've populated your Lego castles or had piloting your Lego spaceships and such.

This shouldn't be confused with the now defunct Lego Universe Mmo which was focused more on building than the traditional Mmo quest structure. It looks like Lego and Funcom are going to take a more player character-centric approach this time around instead of one based on creating things with LEGOs.

You can read the full release below:

Durham, USA – June 28th, 2012 – Funcom, a world

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