The Forgotten: The Filth

Film: noun

a thin layer of something on a surface

i.e. a film of dust/oil/grease, a film of smoke

dimness or morbid growth affecting the eyes

Michael Apted, a respected director of features, documentaries, and TV plays, directed The Squeeze in 1977 from a screenplay by Leon Griffiths, who had just scripted The Grissom Gang for Robert Aldrich. Both films deal with kidnappings and are unremittingly squalid and horrible. Moreover, both have an interesting transatlantic quality: the Aldrich film is adapted from No Orchids for Miss Blandish, a near-pornographic rip-off of Falkner's Sanctuary, and an American-set thriller by an author who had never set foot in the States, relying instead on a dictionary of American slang and a firm grounding in pulp fiction. (The original British adaptation has just come out on DVD). The Squeeze is much more wholeheartedly British, capturing the grunginess of the seventies just as I remember it,

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