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Wayne Gretzy Hits The Ice Again For 'NHL Slapshot'

Like Michael Jordan before him, legendary athlete and former "ProStars" hero Wayne Gretzky has decided to return to video games once again, and he's chosen "NHL Slapshot" to be his chariot. A new trailer for the game shows playable matches from Gretzky's time in peewee hockey up through his pro years.

The peewee league play doesn't look nearly as violent as the NHL, but that's probably realistic, even if it makes the game less fun.

It's been quite some time since we saw "Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey" first appear for the N64, so The Great One must have been patiently waiting for all these years, looking for the perfect chance to return. The NHL's kiddie fans today never got to see Gretzky in his prime, so this game may present a talking point for parent/child conversations and hockey education sessions about the good old days.

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