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'The Bachelorette': The final three men are ...

Time for the best episode of the show all season, y'all - hometown dates. We're not sure anything on this season of "The Bachelorette" can top the bird funeral or the taxidermy dad, but Jeffff's giant family is where we hold out the most hope for crazypants shenanigans.

Emily gives us a video/voice over recap of the final four guys and her assertion that Jeffff is a "guy with an edge" is laughable. Jeffff has an edge like a super ball. Arie has much more of an edge, though none of those doofuses are any kind of "bad boy." Which is good, but we're just saying.

Emily says Sean makes her feel safe and taken care of, by which she means "tingly in her naughty places," we think. Seriously, the two of them pretty much only have their making out going on.

Chris' Date, Chicago

Hopefully Chris has

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