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Crispin Glover Joins De Niro and Cusack in Indie Thriller ‘Motel’

Although he attained worldwide fame as George McFly in 1985′s Back to the Future (perhaps you’ve heard of it), Crispin Glover has opted for a more low-key career, pursuing his own offbeat passion projects and only making sporadic appearances in more mainstream fare. So when news of the actor joining a bigger project surfaces, you best believe that I perk up and pay attention.

THR says he’s joined the indie thriller Motel, co-starring John Cusack and Robert De Niro. The movie, currently in production, centers around a hit man hired by a notorious crime boss who has to fight his way through a whole host of shadowy characters in a secluded Bayou motel in order to complete his job. (In addition to Glover, dwarf actor Martin Klebba has also joined the cast. You might remember him from his brief screen time in Project X punching teenagers in the groin,

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