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The 5 Greatest Golf Shots Of All Time

There often comes a time in many sports when comparisons are drawn, debates are made and arguments are created. Whether we are discussing who the best ever boxer was, the greatest tennis player of all time, we all have our own opinions.

Some of these opinions are backed up with statistics and figures whilst others are simply judging a sportsman on pure ability rather than on any particular achievements.

What we are going to try and answer today is what are the greatest golf shots of all time?

That is why what we are going to discuss here may not totally agree with many others opinions, however this is what we feel are the 5 greatest golf shots of all time.

5. Ye Yang’s Stunning Approach Shot On The 18th Hole In The 2009 PGA Championship

A great golf shot should never just be judged on the shot itself. There are pressures outside of the actual shot,

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