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[Review] The Do-Deca-Pentathlon

In 1990, brothers Jeremy and Mark created the “Do-Deca Pentathlon,” a 25-game event that would definitively decide which of the two was the superior sibling. But thanks to interference from a well-intentioned adult, the event ended prematurely without a victor. This result, one that Mark and Jeremy both disagree with (each thinks they were going to win), creates a rift between the two brothers and as the years go by, Jeremy and Mark became more and more estranged to the point of barely even talking. Mark (Steve Zissis) has overcome his psychological problems from childhood to settle in the suburbs with his wife Stephanie (Jennifer Lefleur) and son Hunter (Reid Williams), while Jeremy (Mark Kelly) is still single and makes a living playing poker in Las Vegas. When Jeremy makes a surprise appearance at Mark’s for his birthday weekend, the old wounds of the Do-Deca-Pentathlon are reopened and Jeremy proposes

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