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Luc Dionne’s newly revamped ‘Omertà’ is frustratingly uneven


Directed by Luc Dionne

Written by Luc Dionne

Canada, 2012

The Québec film industry is often lauded for the exuberant creativity and artistic merit of many films it produces each and every year. Every so often though, a little bit more money is invested in a project, one that, much like its Hollywood counterparts, hopes achieve success beyond critical acclaim. Cast some familiar stars, write a reasonably easy script for the masses to understand and appreciate, and hopefully the endeavour shall reap box office benefits in addition to the much desired warm public and critical reception. The Rocket (2005) was one such film, as were the summer hits Bond Cop, Bad Cop (2006) and De Père en flic (Father and Guns, 2009). The summer of 2012 brings back an important title that should be very familiar to Québec television fans: Omertà, which was a Sopranos-like cop and mobsters drama which aired from 1996 to 1999. Creator

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