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Butterfly Swords: U.S DVD review

Director: Michael Mak. Review: Chris Sawin. There's a plot summary on the back of the "Butterfly Swords" DVD, but there's more story in this little paragraph than there is in the entire film. It also gives away the one major plot point. Not that it matters because you won't really be paying attention to the story anyway. As you're watching "Butterfly Sword," it's difficult to distinguish who you're supposed to root for. You should obviously side with the top billed actors, but their actions seem pretty villainous especially Lady Ko (Michelle Yeoh). She's basically emotionless, doesn't know how to do anything properly other than kill people with ribbons, and says on more than one occasion that "you shouldn't think of her as a woman." She spends the majority of the film trying to convince Sing (Tony Leung) to be with her even though she knows Sing is deeply in love with Butterfly (Joey Wong). Meanwhile,

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