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Volcano Live failed to set the screen on fire

The Springwatchification of factual shows means everything has to be live – but the result is less spectacular eruption, more The One Show with magma

Volcano Live concluded its four-episode run last night and, if you're honest, you probably expected a little more from it. You probably wanted each episode to contain rivers of lava and fire and molten boulders raining from the burning skies. I know I did. But that's not what we got. Instead, Volcano Live was lots of Kate Humble in a nice anorak pointing at some smoke in the distance. Nor was it especially live – the meat of the show came in the form of prerecorded segments from around the world, stitched together with live links broadcast from a camper van in Hawaii. It was The One Show, essentially, but with magma instead of ombudsmen.

Not that that was necessarily a bad thing. Over the four days

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