Viggo Races Towards The "Vanishing Point "

From Anchor Bay Entertainment comes a new DVD release of director Charles Robert Carner's 1997 TV Movie "Vanishing Point", starring Viggo Mortensen ("Eastern Promises") :

"...'Jimmy Kowalski' (Mortensen) is a 'Desert Storm' veteran with racing in his blood, dark secrets in his past, a pregnant wife at home, and a vintage 1970 'Dodge Hemi Challenger' to deliver. But when his wife is suddenly hospitalized, a desperate Kowalski speeds cross-country chased by police from four states, with a vengeful trooper [Steve Railsback) and the FBI in pursuit.

"Now with the help of an outspoken radio 'DJ' (Jason Priestley), the man a nation hails as 'the last American hero' and the Feds label a 'possible terrorist' rockets toward a final roadblock where the speed limit is the floorboard, and life, death and freedom all come together at the 'vanishing point'..."

Co-starring Christine Elise, Keith David and Peta Wilson.

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