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The Amazing Spider-Man 1970s TV series review

As (500) Days Of Summer (2009) director Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man swings into cinemas, with The Social Network and Never Let Me Go wunderkind Andrew Garfield wearing the red and blue pyjamas and Zombieland actress Emma Stone bringing Peter Parker's girlfriend Gwen Stacy to life while Rhys Ifans goes all Jekyll and Hyde on them as Doctor Curt Connors and The Lizard, it already feels as though Sam Raimi and Tobey McGuire's well received trilogy of barely a decade ago is 'old' Spidey.

However, nearly thirty years before The Evil Dead auteur finally put a human (as opposed to animated) version of our favourite webhead on the big screen, Spidey had made his live action debut on the small screen in 1974 in a series of short skits on the popular children's show The Electric Company. Played by puppeteer Danny Seagren, these three minute sketches which spanned a three year period

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