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Movies This Week: Despicable Grease Cremaster Predators


It's  a surprisingly light weekend for new films in Austin, but there's no holiday and we're smack into the middle of the summer doldrums. But that's not to say there aren't options -- some fun, some mind boggling. 

Cremaster 1-5 and De Lama Lamina  -- When I was looking up the new releases in town, I was a bit gobsmacked. Five films, or is that six? I can't really tell, and the Cremaster website makes it even more confusing.  The Cremaster films by writer-director Matthew Barney seem to be avant garde gone wild, with little dialogue, and are not necessarily numbered in order. Apparently the lengths of the films vary as well.  If any of you see it, do let us know what you think. (Dobie)

Despicable Me -- Pixar doesn't have a monopoly on animated family fare. Universal's latest mixes villains and moppets and minions, and despite the trailer,

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