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There's a common knee-jerk reaction to remakes these days: that they are never of any real worth. Yet people still watch the films, despite almost all of them being a complete waste of time – see Clash Of The Titans, A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Wicker Man, etc (or rather don't see them as they are all utter rubbish). Still, they nearly all recouped their budgets, so in business terms at least they succeeded. George A Romero's original 1973 shocker, while enjoyable, isn't up there with his trademark zombie films. Perhaps this is the key to the exercise: don't remake a classic. This outing streamlines the story, focusing on a small town's sheriff (Justified's Timothy Olyphant) and his doctor wife (Radha Mitchell) as everyone around them is driven insane by toxic materials. As a result, this more monied version actually feels less epic and far-reaching than the low-budget original.

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