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These Are The Most UnMatthew McConaughey Matthew McConaughey Photos We Have Ever Seen

Guys…what? That is Matthew McConaughey escorting the lovely pregnant Camila Alves to the Killer Joe premiere in New York last night, right? If we didn’t know better, we’d have guessed it was Oscars producer Brian Graser. Or E.T. Or something a grizzled sea captain would whittle out of a piece of driftwood. We guess what we’re saying is, everyone has that one angle that doesn’t work in photographs. So what do you do if your head suddenly has 30 more angles than it normally does?

But don’t worry, everybody. No need to dust off your VHS copy of For The Love of Nancy just yet. McConaughey’s drastic new look is just due to weightloss for his upcoming role as HIV patient Ron Woodruff in the biopic The Dallas Buyers Club; after contracting the illness in the ’80s, Woodruff went on to start an underground AIDS/HIV support network.

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