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Trailer Trash - Five Hour Friends, Life Of Pi and The Canyons

Sara Bentley reviews everyone's favourite part of the going to The Pictures - the trailers...

Control and Chaos: Five Hour Friends

Tim is a man who plays by the rules. His own rules. His life is akin to a game of golf. An individual and independent game of meticulous rules. Rules make the game possible, and show us where we are. Most importantly, the game is all about him. What happens, however, when people don’t play by the rules? His rules? Theo Davies’s debut feature stars Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan) as Timothy Bonner, a habitual womaniser whose rules dictate his life and all that revolve around him.

The trailer for Five Hour Friends is initially narrated from the voice of Timothy’s son, Kyle (David Weil), who introduces his father in all his drinking, partying and womanising glory. Dictated with a certain sneer and disgust, Kyle reviews his father’s game plan.

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