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Exclusive: Lance Daly Ponders the Magic of Kisses

The Irish director brings his award-winning drama to the USA this summer

An award-winning and crowd-pleasing hit since its 2008 debut in Ireland, director Lance Daly is finally bringing his film Kisses to the states on July 16th. This heartfelt and beautifully photographed story revolves around two kids living on the fringes of Dublin, trapped in a suburban housing estate devoid of life, color and any prospect of escape. Kylie (Kelly O'Neill) lives with five other siblings and her overworked mother. Next door, Dylan (Shane Curry) lives in the shadows of an alcoholic father and the memory of an elder brother who ran away from home two years earlier. After a violent altercation with his drunk and angry dad, Dylan runs away from home and Kylie decides to join him on this wayward adventure. Together they make their way to the magical nighttime lights of inner city Dublin, to search for

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