Rajesh Khanna obituary

One of Indian cinema's first superstars who appeared in 15 consecutive hit films in the course of three years

Rajesh Khanna, who has died aged 69 after a long illness, was Indian cinema's first superstar. At the height of his fame he generated adulation that sometimes verged on mass hysteria and appeared in 15 consecutive hit films over the course of three years.

He first achieved acclaim in Aradhana (Worship, 1969), playing two roles – the husband and grown-up son, both air force pilots, of the established star Sharmila Tagore. Notable among the romantic drama's musical numbers was the sexy Roop Tera Mastana (Your Beauty Is Intoxicating), recorded in a single take, a first for Hindi cinema.

Further highly commercial films followed, including Aan Milo Sajna (Come Meet Me, Beloved, 1970), Kati Patang (Broken Kite, 1970) and Haathi Mera Saathi (Elephant My Partner, 1971). More thought-provoking were Daag (Stain, 1973), dealing with the subject of bigamy, and Anand (1971), in

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