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The Greatest 'Rock N' Jock Softball' All-Stars Of All Time

It's hard to imagine Mc Hammer and Kevin Costner in any other list, in Bigger Than the Sound.

By James Montgomery

Dan Cortese, Jon Stewart and George Clooney at MTV's sixth annual "Rock N' Jock Softball" in 1995

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/ FilmMagic

Today is, I believe, the saddest day of the year. Because, as is tradition following the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, there are absolutely no sports on TV, which is a total bummer (Ok, there are some Wnba games). So naturally, I am left scrambling to fill the void.

I've already called my parents and told them I loved them, rescued a pair of dogs from an all-kill shelter, and donated money to several worthwhile charities, but none of that has brought me the kind of perverse gratification that staring at the lineups of my struggling fantasy baseball teams does (curse you Jacoby Ellsbury!). Perhaps I am obsessed with sports.

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