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Have you been watching … Revenge?

It started as slice of Dynasty-style melodrama, but with its themes of power and class, Revenge is more than just Gossip Girl for grown ups

The premise is as simple as the title. Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) seeks to avenge the memory of her father, David, who was wrongfully framed for terrorist crimes. So she returns, years after the event, to the scene of her childhood trauma, targeting different people in her "burn book" of betrayal, every week edging ever closer to Victoria Grayson – her father's mistress who finally put him away and exiled his daughter to an institution.

Initially, Revenge reeled you in with its sudsy, surface allure. Early episodes suggested it was just another slice of Dynasty-style melodrama. All the usual ingredients are there: an arch voice-over, knowing glances (hidden behind glacial smiles), loaded one-liners and an abundance of well bred, Cape Cod jawlines and heavily Botoxed foreheads.

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